Another based miner starting production in 2021: Thor. They will be producing from their Segilola in Nigeria. There is considerable downside risk if it goes back into the consolidation pattern. Volume is also light this month. That should increase greatly along with a sustainable breakout. A low volume breakout should not be chased. The upside here is high if the gold price takes off. Definitely one to look at if you're bullish on gold in the near term given the chart pattern and their move towards production.


Story remains the same. Details are in the original post. The discount is still there, VUL must rally 60 percent to fully reflect RMK value alone. I expect a discount of some amount will persist, but if RMK breaks out from this small basing pattern, the expected move would carry it to near $1 per share. At that point, if VUL rallied to fully reflect RMK value alone, it would have to triple from its current price. The main risk here is that RMK fails. There is a gap back in the 20 cent area that also is supported by a larger base of support. Downside risk would be almost 70 percent in RMK, and 40 percent for VUL, again assuming VUL trades solely based on its ownership in RMK.

No Horsing Around

Bayhorse Silver, a 2021 first pour. Hoping for a repeat of Telson TSN here. After the 25 to 30 cent area, should move to the 50 cent area.

Nice Drill Holes, Nice Chart

This is one I owned before, traded out of with a small loss, and back in again after great drill results.

"Hole TS-DH16 at Tesorito South hits spectacular intercept of 460.9m @ 1.11g/t Au, with gold mineralisation starting from surface including:

116m @ 2.32g/t Au and 0.12% Cu from 132m including –

34.0m @ 3.03g/t Au and 0.12% Cu from 214m – the highest porphyry gold grade intercept ever recorded at Tesorito

Total intersection 629m @ 0.88g/t Au1 (553gram.metres) from surface including 582.3 @ 0.94g/t Au from surface

Those are very good results. The chart setup plus news could send this stock much higher. If the stars align and the whole sector moves, it could run. Currently only trades in Oz.

Roscan Breaks Out

I had this one pegged as a leader in the next bullish move in mining stocks. Today it broke out of its basing pattern.