Natgas Producers Still Edging Higher

SWN has the best looking chart to me, but RRC and AR also doing very well, and even better.

Batero Moves

Cautious about a breakout given everything else going on in the market, I'm on a bearish footing at the moment.

Here Comes the Rain Again

The Euro/Yen cross is sending a bearish signal for all markets.
Here is the same cross, inverted, in black. The US Dollar Index is blue.

BSV Repeats

BitcoinSV, a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that is closer to the intention behind the creation of Bitcoin, has broken out again. Looking for a potential run above $700 and even towards $1000 if there is a rerating of the crytocurrency. BitcoinSV is used by several apps, with more on the way. It can process more transactions than Vis. The Twetch app is an interfece to the blockchain that affords users censorship-free social media with their data stored forever on the blockchain.

Don't Tear Down This Monument

Monument Mining is selling its Mengapur project for $30 million plus a 1.25 percent of revenue royalty. The value of the deal exceeds the market capitalization. They have more projects and this deal could provide the bulk of capex for their Selinsing mine that could produce about 100,000 oz for 6 years.

Above 13 cents it should run. As I'm typing this, it is still selling for less than the value of the deal on TSVX (MMY) and OTCBB (MMTMF) and there is amply liquidity on OTCBB today.

Her Name Was Rio Too

Rio2 looks like it will run after it clears $1.00. It trades with liquidity under the symbol RIOFF in the U.S. Right now $1 CAD is about 79 cents USD.

I like the managament. The chart is telling me the stock might not need any news catalyst, but they're working on financing a mine, aiming for a Q1 announcement. Production coming in 2022 if all goes to plan.

I think this should be a 5-bagger by the time they do first pour. Animal spirits and a higher gold price could push it farther.