First Pour 2021: Candelaria

First a check-up on a stock posted here nearly two months ago, a first pour play Emerald Resources. Their mine in Cambodia should begin producting in 2021. Looks like someone wanted to be in ahead of the new year.
Candelaria is advancing the Pinos project into production. It has a 25 percent IRR at $1,250 gold. The stock looks like it is ready to run as well if it clears 67 cents.

Time For Copper

Copper could be ready to run as well. Tight supply and stimulus flowing around the world. There are several exploration companies with good setups. These two look like they're best positioned for a pop if copper runs into the Lunar New Year. A company coming out with drill results could also pop in a bullish environment, but these are purely chart-based picks.

Taco Time

Calling on New Gold

NGD is nearing a breakout. It is showing strength versus GDXJ since August. Indicates it could run when the sector turns short-term bullish again. Basing pattern also completing. Looking for a run to start after $2.50, will accumulate calls up to that area.

Silver Leaders Pointing to Breakout

Four silver stocks I consider better than average speculations are near 52-week closing highs an/or nearing breakout levels. Notable because the overall silver sector is still in consolidation.

Base to Base to Base: Nickel Creek

Not a forecast, but potential future resistance/support in a long bull market.

Freebased Copper

Update: SHL's CNC stake is worth 25% more than SHL's market cap heading into close on 12/14/2020.

Copper explorer Spruce Ridge

$13 mm market cap

Has 8 million shares of CNC

CNC is $1.84 per share

The company itself has a negative valuation once CNC value is deducted from fully diluted makret cap

Based Uranium

Short-term who knows which way uranium companies will go, but long-term the charts are almost all basing or have based.

Paratek Still Based

Still early for Paratek, one of the few (only?) makers of antibiotics in the United States. They are not a generic maker of antibiotics, rather they are developing new antibiotics, which makes for higher risk.


Platinum $10,000, is it possible?

Range of platinum ratio with:

Gold: 0.4 to 2.4

Silver: 35 to 150

Palladium : 0.4 to 5.0

Copper: 300 to 900

Plug in target prices for these metals. Gold at $5,000 delivers platinum at $10,000 if platinum starts behaving like a precious metal again. Silver $100 gives a conservative target of platinum $6,000, the chart below shows the resistance line of the ratio. Platinum seems likely to hit that at least, adjust for silver target accordingly. Platinum could be $10,000 today if it traded at its peak ratio with palladium. The ratio with copper is near multi-decade lows. It did go lower in the 1970s, but a return to the high of 900 plus a measured move by copper to the $7 area gives a target in the $6,000 area. The various ratios indicate platinum will peak around $6,000 to $10,000 when the bull market completes, assuming it plays out similarly to prior bull markets. Even if platinum rebounds to the middle of ratio ranges, it should easily triple.

I threw in a chart of crude oil for comparison.