The Low

Posted this Charts Busted in June of last year with a chart of AMX. It was the low for the year, the gap was filled and it reversed.


This company has been a total disaster and recently made a new all-time low. It has since recovered on high volume. It mines bauxite and prices have been rising. If inflation takes off, that is a solid chart base. I do have a position as a hedge since I expect inflation will peter out as supply-chain disruptions fade next year. If I'm wrong, this looks like a promising set up.
THere was capitulation selling at the low. There's resistance around 6 cents, but a lot of people have accumulated down here at the lows.

Mexican Gold Ready to Go

A PEA is expected in the next week or so. Palisades exercised 4 million warrants out of the money. If you did this transaction yourself, you would have paid 18 cents per share for shares trading at 11.5 cents yesterday. They didn't buy their warrants, but it's a notable move. The chart is also screaming for an eventual breakout. I have a big position in the warrants. I should point out I'm not terribly sold on the fundamentals yet, thought the PEA could change that. Rather, I like the chart and that there are tradable warrants. Warrants expire in July 2024.

Previous post on MEX here.

All Around the Mulberry Bush

If it holds in this consolidation pattern, Moneta is setting up for quite the pop when the bear move in gold miners completes.

Harfang on Sale

Harfang is down to 29.5 cents as I post. That puts it right around major support. Conversely, a clean head and shoulders pattern has completed. tie goes to the dominant trend which is a bull market. Harfang is at a 50 percent discount from its March high.

Still Time to Climb Aboard

This one won't stay cheap through summer if gold moves higher. There are 50 million warrants to convert at 16 cents, but that's over in August. Prior post here.